A Little About Us

Image Crafters was formed to both do and teach image crafting. We focus first on the craft - if you have poor craft, you cannot get to the art! The 'craft' consists of tools and associated techniques required to achieve particular goals. The basic tools of capturing an image are the same today as they were in the early 1800s - a method of focusing an image onto a light sensitive material to record the light. Admittedly our tools and techniques are a bit more polished today than with the first daguerreotypes, the concept is still the same.

Our education premise is based on the classical method. The craft or use of the tools is taught first. Then formula approaches to acceptable results with those tools are covered. Finally, the student learns when to break the formula for a superior result.

Lean the tools. Learn the rules to use the tools. Learn when to break the rules.

Modern technology has blurred the distinction between Photography and Videography equipment, but videography is the aggregation of many single images. Mastering the single image capture (Photography) comes first.

I hope you enjoy our classes, I look forward to shooting with you in the field.

Bill Sadler, Image Crafters Chief Instructor