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Session 1 2016 - 5 wks
1 March to 2 April

Drone 101 - Flying for Images


None - this is a foundational course, assumes no prior knowledge.


Photo 101 or equivalent knowledge of basic digital image capturing. This is highly recommended as a previous or concurrent class. Not understanding image capture will make the quality of your videos luck, and you'll have a hard time determining what went wrong.

Recommended Equipment

A Drone with an image recording capability. We have a pair of Yuneec 500s for rent.

Course Description

This course is the lead course in the Drone Videography .

This course concentrates on flying the drone with an eye towards video. There are certain shots that everyone wants to get. The first step in getting those shots is being able to fly the drone to position and move the camera correctly.

We will start with a computer simulator and graduate to actual drones.

Course Format

The course is 5 weeks long and meets once a week for two hours. Each class has a shooting assignment that is relevant to material covered in that day's lecture. The first week is all lecture but after the first week, each class is divided into lecture and a critique session for the homework images / videos. The final homework assignment is to take what was learned and create an image or video that represents the students best work. This will become that student's entry into a competition. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place from all Drone 101 students are featured in the student portfolio on the front page of the Image Crafters website for the next session.

Bring to Class

On the first day, bring the manual for your drone. Everyday bring a method for taking notes.