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Photography is about capturing the image you see in your minds eye. To get that image, you have to have the tools first.

We consider photography to be divided into three major learning phases, the first is the craft. This is learning how to use your tools (shutter, aperture, lens selection, filter selection, etc.) to capture the image you want, in the way you want. In other words, the tools to make what you see in your minds eye.

The next phase is about how people see. Most images are designed to generate some specific response in an audience. To get that response you need to learn how to create the right image. Where phase one taught how to create the image in your minds eye, this phase teaches you what to put into your minds eye to get the audience's response.

The final phase is knowing your tools and basic techniques well enough to be able to break the rules to achieve a better result than following the rules gives. Maybe this image should be underexposed and composed in a non-standard way to move your audience, to create that desired emotion.

So our plan is to teach you to capture your minds eye, we train your minds eye, and then we set you free.

I look forward to seeing you in class!