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Session 1 2016 - 5 wks
1 March to 2 April

Photo 101 - Intro to Digital Photography


None - this is a foundational course, assumes no prior knowledge

Recommended Equipment

A DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with interchangeable lenses and manual control is ideal. Any digital camera with full manual mode is second. The fewer manual modes available, the fewer tricks / techniques you will be able to perform.

We do have material specific to using cell phone / tablet cameras - don't expect the same capabilities as a 'real' camera - but there is still a LOT you can do with one IF you capture the image.


$250 / student for the 5 week course

Course Description

With modern technology the distinction between photography and videography is becoming blurred. Whichever is your ultimate goal, it starts with capturing an image. The craft of image capture involves utilizing the functions of your camera and good composition to capture an image that matches the one you see in your minds eye. The art comes when you understand the craft well enough to concentrate on the image that will draw the desired response from your audience.

This course concentrates on the craft of capturing an image using the tools available in the camera. Before it is possible to express your art, to see the image, you must understand your tools. This is a foundational course in the tools of image capture.

Course Format

The course is 5 weeks long and meets once a week for two hours. Each class has a shooting assignment that is relevant to material covered in that day's lecture. The first week is all lecture but after the first week, each class is divided into lecture and a critique session for the homework images. The final homework assignment is to take what was learned and create an image that represents the students best work which is that student's entry into a photo competition. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place images from all Photo 101 students are featured in the student portfolio on the front page of the Image Crafters website for the next session.

Bring to Class

On the first day, bring your camera and its manual. We will be discussing camera functions. After that, a notepad and your memory stick with your images for the critique.

Topics Covered

  • Camera Functions
    • Aperture and Depth of Field
    • Shutter Speed and Motion
    • Correct Exposure
    • ISO Setting
  • Equipment
    • Bodies
      • DSLR
      • Mirrorless
      • Focusing System
    • Lenses
      • Auto focus types
      • Focal Lengths
    • Accessories
      • Tripods
      • Filters
  • Digital Imaging
    • Sensors
      • Types
      • Size
      • Dynamic Range
    • Image Resolution and use in
      • Printing
      • eMail
      • Web
    • File Types
    • White Balance
  • Post Processing
    • Simple Histogram
    • Introduction to Image Processing Software
  • Basic Composition