The craft is all about catching and manipulating light. The art is generating the desired effect or emotion by applying the craft. To do either, you have to be able to get to the action! By adding commercial drone operation to our toolset we can now practice the craft on the ground, underwater, and in the air!.

Image Rights

While we generally retain copyright, our normal rights for non-commercial customers is: "non-exclusive, non-commercial, unlimited use". That means while you don't own the copyright, you can use it for anything you want, but you can't sell it for any reason.

Our quotes start with those rights - additional rights are available. We bill travel and expenses separately. We always provide a firm written quote for the photo shoot.

Estimating your Costs

Non-commercial shoot day rate: $150/hr, 2 hr min per shoot
Assumptions: travel and expenses billed separately, raw images (ie no-post production), image rights:"non-exclusive, non-commercial, unlimited use"

Commercial shoot day rate: $300/hr, 2 hr min per shoot + $150/used image
Assumptions: travel and expenses billed separately, post-processing as needed, image rights:"non-exclusive, single commercial use, single media"

Work for Hire shoot day rate: $600/hr, 1/2 day minimum
Assumptions: travel and expenses billed separately, all camera media turned over at the end of the shoot

Travel day rate: $75/hr, from door to arrival start of first shoot task, last site task to door.

Travel Expenses: flights, vehicles, hotels are billed prior to start of shoot, receipts provided for meals, expenses are charged at cost to the following standards:
Flights - business class, refundable ticket (possible extra / large baggage charges)
Rental Car - Hertz SUV
Hotel - Holiday Inn Express / Hampton Inn / Marriott Courtyard standard
Meals - IRS standard meal allowance ($51 / day most places in the US in 2017)
Mileage - IRS Mileage allowance ($0.535 / mile 2017) - actual miles or google maps route miles

Hardship - $250 / day
Hazard - $500 / day
Equipment Rental - at cost

Extreme Event Photography

Safari in Africa? Skydiving? Overhead Environment Diving? Outside the green zone in a 'stan? - we're willing, call for a quote.