Greetings All!

One of the things I enjoy about taking a class is getting to build a relationship with my teacher. One of the ways to kick that off is to learn a little about that person to begin with, it's hard to get a feel for someone just with a list of qualifications, so here's a little background.

I've been interested in a wide range of subjects since I was a kid - I've always sought to master whatever those subjects were. It wasn't long into that process that I discovered that mastery is a never ending goal - you'll never 'master' all of any subject. But you can keep raising your bar!

I also discovered synergy - the more you know about seemingly disparate subjects, the more it increases your ability to understand a new subject - diverse background knowledge is synergistic with learning new stuff. It's a nice viscous cycle. Do we call that a friendly cycle? Anyway...

So accordingly I've never turned away from learning new stuff. In my day job I work as a Mathematician in the field of Artificial Intelligence. My degrees are in Mathematics and Computer Science. I seek artistic expression in writing (my blog is at and photography.

As for teaching, it is both an excellent pathway to learning (I've never taught a class where I didn't learn significantly from my students) as well as one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. When you get the light bulb to go on over a student's head - that is a feeling of satisfaction that is second to none.

Every bio seems to have to have a droll list of stuff, so I oblige by placing them below, my full resume if you're interested I keep on LinkedIn.
  • Photography
    • Professional Photographers of America (PPA): member since 1996 
    • National Press Photographers Association (NPPA): member since 1996 
    • Underwater Photography Specialty Instructor: Aug 1997, PADI 
    • American Society of Media Publishers: (ASMP) member since 1998 
    • Evidence Photographers International Council: (EPIC) member since 1998 
    • Photography Instructor at The Showcase School 1996 - 2000
    • Published Nature / Underwater Photographer: 
      • “National Geographic Adventure Magazine” 
      • “Journal of the NACD“ 
      • ”Underwater Speleology the Journal of the NSS/CDS“ 
      • ”The Darkness Beckons: The History and development of cave diving, by Martyn Farr” 
      • “Doing It Right – The fundamentals of Better Diving” 
      • “Zoom, The Magazine of the Atlanta Zoo”
    • Open Water SCUBA Instructor: May 1995, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) 
    • Certified Full Cave Diver: Feb 1996, National Association of Cave Diving (NACD) 
    • Certified Full Cave Diver: March 1996, National Speleological Society / Cave Diving Sections (NSS/CDS) 
    • Certified Trimix Diver: Aug 1996, International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)
  • Private Pilot: Airplane Single Engine Land, May 1989, ~100 hours PIC time
  • Firearms
    • NRA Instructor
      • Rifle
      • Pistol
      • Shotgun
      • Personal Protection Inside the Home
      • Personal Protection Outside the Home
      • Refuse to be a Victim
    • Utah BCI CFP Instructor
    • Virginia DGIF Hunting Instructor
  • Computers
    • IEEE: member since Jan 2000 
    • SPIE: member since April 2001 
    • US Patent # 6,230,142 – “Health care data manipulation and analysis system”, May 8, 2001
Well, that's the quick overview. I look forward to seeing you in class!
Bill Sadler, Chief Instructor, Image Crafters