Key West Fl, 15-18 July


Certified Divers who wish to earn their PADI Digital Underwater Photography specialty certification - or who just want to take a cool dive trip with a photography bent.



We will do 2 dives a day with a lecture / critique or class after the dive. One day is an afternoon and night dive. The PADI certification only requires 2 dives - we'll accomplish the course requirements in the first day. After that its just fun and shooting!

The initial plan is for 2 mornings of reefs, 1 day of wrecks, and 1 afternoon / night reef dive.

What to Bring

Your camera and an enclosure. MAKE SURE YOUR CAMERA OR ENCLOSURE IS A DIVE CAMERA! You need to make sure that it is rated for dive use not just 'water resistant' - if it isn't you'll have a soggy, broken mess and no images. If you have any questions about the suitability of your camera ask us BEFORE we leave on the trip!

If you need other dive gear you'll have to rent it after you arrive. We have a few GoPro 3 and 4 cameras for rent.



$1250 per student, the fee includes a private charter boat (not a cattle boat - this will be just us photo types) and PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty class materials. It does not include lodging, travel, meals, equipment or tank rental.

There will be 8 scheduled dives over the 4 days. There is usually time for students to do an additional dive each day on their own if they wish.

Camera Rental

Image Crafters has several GoPro cameras with dive enclosures for rent. The cameras rent for $120 for the duration of the trip. The cost is the same for the GoPro 3 or 4 cameras - first come first choice, we only have 5 cameras so get in line early!


Key West Florida.


Registration is open now, there will be a cutoff date in June(exact date TBD) - if we do not have a minimum of 5 students by the cutoff date the trip will be canceled. We have a maximum of 12 divers per trip.


While diving in and of itself is great there are times when you want to share it with others using more than words. We'll teach you to get the images you want and make videos of the experience.